Embrace Your Space is a decluttering and organising service that helps you simplify and transform your living spaces.

It’s my belief that anyone can learn to be organised, even if doesn’t come “naturally” to you. I’ll help you to see which of your belongings you truly need or love and together we will create living spaces that you can’t wait to come home to. What’s more, I’ll teach you how to organise in a way that suits your lifestyle so that it won’t get messy again.

The result? Less stress, restored energy and more space for the things in life that actually matter to you. My goal is to help you embrace your space so that you can live clutter-free and stress-free.

About Me

Current Location: Wiltshire, UK. I’ve moved 13 times in the last 10 years so I’m quite experienced at packing & unpacking!

Loves: Cooking, travel, dogs, gin & tonic, ice cream, gin & tonic ice cream, the beach, laughing at my own terrible jokes and anything turquoise. Did I mention ice cream?

Pet peeve: People that suddenly stop when they’re walking in front of you.

Being organised has always come naturally to me and I’ve been helping family and friends declutter for years. I decided to make this my full-time career so I could share my skills and help more people become clutter-free.

I studied Interior Design and have experience in various managerial and training roles. My passion is helping people get organised and I love seeing the transformation in people’s lives as they become less stressed and able to find things with more ease. If you feel overwhelmed by your belongings then please get in touch with me!

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t” – Marie Kondo

Clutter Solutions

Are you overwhelmed by your belongings? Do you feel like you can't relax in your own home? Whatever your personal story is for your "stuff", if you wish you could have less of it and feel free from physical clutter to focus on the other areas of your life then Embrace Your Space could be just what you need.


Too much clutter can result in feelings of guilt and shame, cause procrastination and can be very disempowering. Decluttering can help create a fresh start, free up more space and help you feel less stressed and more motivated. Many clients find that by decluttering, they have more time and motivation to focus on the things they want to do in life such as achieving goals […]


“How do I know if your service is right for me?” If you’re looking for someone to come and do all of the work for you then I would advise you to look for a different organiser. Likewise, if you’re just looking for storage solutions for your existing belongings and are averse to getting rid of anything then my service probably isn’t a match for […]

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