5 Tips to a Tidier Home

5 Tips to a Tidier Home

You know how it goes; you’ve invested some of your precious weekend time blitzing your home so it basically looks like something worthy of being on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine (well, maybe if you squint a little 😉 ) but by midweek your tidying efforts have gone to pot and your home looks more like a building site. You’ve lost that receipt you need (“I’m sure I left it somewhere over here”), the key for the shed has gone walkies again (“I think I saw it near the bread bin yesterday”) and your bedroom looks like an elephant had a fancy dress party in there. It deteriorates until the weekend rolls around and you have time to tidy up again, and so the cycle continues. If you’re fed up of spending ages tidying up at the weekends then this post is for you!

Benjamin Franklin Quote "A place for everything, everything in its place"

One of the questions clients ask me most when we’re organising their belongings is “What’s the trick to keeping things tidy?”. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place’, but it really is as simple as putting things back where you got them from. However, for this trick to work, things need to have a home to start with. It’s no use putting the iron back where you got it from if where you got it from was on the worktop where it just happened to find a space. The key is to give all of your items a home and then always put them back where they belong.

The next tip to keeping your things tidy and organised is to keep things near to the area where you use them. One of the things I’ve heard this called is the “toothbrush principle” because you keep your toothbrush near the sink where you use it (and I’ve never heard of anyone losing their toothbrush in their own bathroom, have you?). Essentially, keep items near to where you use them and put them back there.

Now for those of you looking for an easy fix, I’m afraid to say that there isn’t one. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have someone that tidies up after you all the time, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort into maintaining your tidy home, but I promise you it will be worth it! I always find it’s easier to tidy up little and often than to clean an overwhelmingly large pile of stuff that seems too stressful to tackle. Most things never take that long to put away, it’s just the idea that they will. Stop with the do-it-laters and before you know it you’ll have the kind of home you’ll be proud to invite spontaneous dinner guests over to. When you put things back in the same place every time it will become a habit before long and you won’t even realise you’re doing it! Once you make this a habit you may well find that it filters down into other areas of your life and you may notice yourself becoming more organised at work, more productive and less stressed (and who doesn’t want that?).

Here’s are my top five tips to keeping things tidy:

  1. Keep items near to where you use them. Give everything a designated home and keep it there. The same rule applies when you go shopping for new things – give them a home straight away.
  2. Put items back as soon as you’ve finished with them. Labels can be a useful tool for other household members who may not know where things go.
  3. Group similar items together. Think logically; if you’re looking for the hammer, it makes sense to keep it near the nails. Keep things in their ‘families’ and then if you can’t remember where one thing is, you can look for something similar and find it that way.
  4. Use a tidying box/ basket to move things from one room to another. Keep it in a central location and when you notice that something needs putting in another room, put it in the box and then empty the box regularly, taking it with you from room to room. This will save many trips up and down the stairs!
  5. Have 10 minute power tidy ups. Set the timer and go go go


Hopefully these tips will help you stay tidy. I’d love to hear if they do! Comment down below 🙂

Wicker tidying up basket to organise your home
Source: cleanmama.net

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