“How do I know if your service is right for me?”

If you’re looking for someone to come and do all of the work for you then I would advise you to look for a different organiser. Likewise, if you’re just looking for storage solutions for your existing belongings and are averse to getting rid of anything then my service probably isn’t a match for you.

My service is a good match if you are:

  • Ready (and I mean ready) for change – we’ll identify bad habits and create new systems so you can say goodbye to clutter forever!
  • Seriously committed to dramatically reducing your clutter
  • Willing and open to learning all of the tools and habits that will help you become more organised and productive
  • Up for getting stuck in as well! And who knows, you might even have some fun 😉

So, are you ready for a change?

Some of the things you can gain from working with me:

  • Get organised, clear clutter and learn to manage your time
  • Conquer overwhelm, overcome perfectionism and stop procrastinating
  • Gain clarity and control and replace chaos with calm
  • Find balance – do less of what you think you “should” be doing and more or what you actually want
  • Get better at decision making and become more assertive – learn how to say no!

“How does your service work?”

Working with me requires dedication, focus and energy (from both parties) in order to have a big impact. After the initial consultation, we will:

  1. Prep & Clean – We’ll remove everything from the area we’re sorting & give shelves etc a brief clean so we have a fresh starting place.
  2. Sort & Group – By grouping like with like, we can see how much you have and if there are duplicates/ excess.
  3. Evaluate & Declutter – We’ll go through all your things and get rid of anything that you don’t use, need or love.
  4. Organise & Arrange – We’ll reorganise everything in a way that best suits your lifestyle so you can find things easily and maintain your new clutter-free space in a way that is visually appealing.

“How long will it take to organise my things?”

This one really comes down to how much clutter you have, the size of your space, and predominantly how long you take to make decisions. I will support you to make informed decisions and as you practise being decisive you’ll find you get quicker and more efficient. Throughout the decluttering/ organising process, I will work alongside you so that things get done in the shortest amount of time.

“Can I leave you to organise for me?”

No; in order for this process to work properly, it’s vital that you are actively involved in the decluttering/ organising process. You will be integral in influencing how to best organise your things so we can implement effective systems that are easy for you to maintain.

During the process, we will work closely together to determine your vision, your goals and your values. I am very hands on and love to be involved, but for you to remain organised after a ‘sort out’, the organisational structure needs to be intuitively tailored to suit your needs, wishes and lifestyle.

“Do you have a fixed cost?”

No; the best way to work out how much it will cost is to arrange a complimentary phone consultation with me by clicking here. This will allow me to assess your space and your needs before we come to an agreement on timescales, cost etc.

“Will I need to buy loads of new fancy storage?”

We won’t even look at buying anything new until we have completed the decluttering process. Once we have organised everything, we can assess your current storage. From there I can advise if it’s working optimally for your space or if you would benefit from new storage solutions or organising products. If you’re happy with your current storage and you have enough, then we can normally work with what you’ve got. People are often surprised when they realise that often they don’t need more storage, they just need less stuff!

“Will you make me throw everything away?”

Not at all. I live and work by the motto ‘only keep the things you need or love’. I will advise you if I think something isn’t working well for you but the final decision to get rid of something always lies with you. However, if you are reluctant to throw anything away then my service probably isn’t suitable for you.

“Do I need to tidy up before you get here?”

No! In fact, please don’t. For this to work properly, it’s really beneficial for me to see your home in its honest state so I can pinpoint what’s not working and come up with tailored solutions (no judging, I promise!).


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here.