Free Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner Printables

Free Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner Printables

So this week I thought I’d share something that I use to plan out my days, weeks and months in the hope that it might help you gain a little more focus and use your time more intentionally (you know, instead of just waiting for life to happen and then wondering where the time went and why you got nothing done 😉 )

I think most (if not all) of us have a to-do list of some sort. Perhaps you’re the kind of person that keeps mental lists, only to forget what it is you were meant to be doing. Maybe you’re someone who has an app on their phone with all the bells and whistles but forgets to look at it enough to remind you of what you need to get done. You might have different lists for different jobs but feel a bit overwhelmed with where to begin. If you’re on top of your to-do list then I tip my hat to you but if you’re stuck with where to start then read on!

I’m a big fan of planners and have tried a fair few different styles. I use Google Calendar for most of my general appointments/diary but when it comes to planning my to-do list I am quite partial to a printable desk planner. Although I’ve seen some really lovely planner pads in various stationery shops I just found that they never quite had the sections/ categories I was after. I used to be someone who was constantly surrounded by post-it notes and lists (and even lists of lists!) but in an attempt to save my sanity, I created the planners that you’ll find further down this page.

A turquoise daily, weekly and monthly planner

Generally I find that my lists can be easily divided into two categories; those that I have to psych myself up for but I know will benefit me in the long run, and those little jobs that need to be done but don’t really bring you a true sense of satisfaction. The problem is that because the little jobs tend to be easier, it’s far too convenient to fill your time with these types of tasks and then try and kid yourself you’ve actually been productive.

Step 1 here is to prioritise. “That’s all well and good but where do I start?” I hear you say. Personally, I like to ask myself the question ‘If I got just one thing done today, what would make me happiest/ most satisfied?’ If I have a big to-do list, I find it helpful to write down everything I need to do, then go back through and give each task a number in order of priority. If I try and write the list in order first time, I spend way too much time writing the list instead of cracking on with what I want to get done!

Step 2 is to come up with an action plan for how to tackle your list of priorities. This is where the planners come in. I find when I use the planner (and stick to it!) I’m way more productive than if I just write out my to-do list and start randomly picking jobs to tackle. With a plan, you can break things down into manageable chunks (great for if you’re like me and get overwhelmed by a huge to-do list!). By looking at an overview of your day/ week/ month, it’s easier to see where you can make time to get things done. I find that if I just leave things to chance and wait until I have a spare half an hour, I’ll always end up finding something to do and then that spare half an hour never seems to arrive.

Step 3 is to commit to your plan! Every time you plan to do something from your to-do list, treat it as an appointment with yourself that’s non-negotiable. Write it in your planner, set reminders on your phone, do whatever it takes to make sure you show up for yourself.

I totally get that some people much prefer to keep everything digitalised but I guess I’m pretty old-fashioned at heart which is why I like putting pen to paper in the form of these printable planners. I find it also really helps me to have something visual sat on my desk next to me to make sure I don’t forget anything important. Plus, I’m one of those people that finds it really satisfying to cross things off your list (something you don’t get the same sense of achievement from when using your phone to plan things!)

I normally prepare by writing the dates in for each day and putting in any social plans I may have, then I tend to plan around that. I find it helps to start with either a specific task or a goal, broken down into chunks. For instance, maybe you need to renew your car insurance so need to find some time to sit down and look through it all. Pick a day and a time and schedule it in. Perhaps you want to learn a language? Plot it out, and remember that even if you can’t afford as much time as you would like, it’s still better than nothing. Also, if you’re a workaholic like me then make sure that you schedule in time to relax as well!

I find that these planners are best printed on A4 with the narrowest margin settings but they can also be printed A5 size as well. Feel free to use and share the PDFs below, and as usual, I’d love to know if you found them helpful or if you would like to see any different sections on the planners! 🙂

* Click the images below to download the PDF documents. *

A Turquoise Daily Planner for organisation and planning A Turquoise Weekly Planner for organisation and planning A Turquoise Monthly Planner for organisation and planning


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