I’m here to help busy, overwhelmed women declutter their homes and create magical spaces they love living in. I get to the root of the problem to understand the causes behind the clutter to prevent it from coming back. I empower people to actually live instead of just survive; to move forward and let go of what’s holding them back. Creating full-up, intentional lives is my passion and it’s my mission to save as many women as I can from burnout through the power of decluttering.

Things I care about:

Ice cream, travel, dogs, eggs, good coffee, the beach, lazy Sundays, tiny tattoos, gin & tonic, reading, swimming, endless cups of tea, random acts of kindness, Stranger Things, emojis, pizza, yoga, cooking, good grammar & spelling, film and instagram. Did I mention ice cream?

Things I don’t care for:

People that stop suddenly while walking in front of you, odd socks, celery, twitter, whiskey, cauliflower pizza (not pizza!), people who won’t shut up about Game of Thrones, the feeling of crumbs under your feet, parsnips, the gym, musicals, dress codes and rugby.

Party trick:

I can do the splits!

Before becoming a Professional Organiser, I trained in Interior Design but got promoted from my part time job that I had whilst studying and, to cut a long story short, spent 5 years in retail management. I got promoted to Company Trainer at the age of 21 and since then I’ve worked for a number of different companies, teaching people how to give great customer service and improving the efficiency of the day to day running of the business. My favourite part of the job was teaching people and seeing them implement their new-found knowledge but I also loved creating new systems to make the business run quicker and smoother.

In 2015 I was given an opportunity to move to the Netherlands (something I’d always dreamt of doing). 2 months later, I found myself moving from my house in the UK to an apartment in the pretty city of Utrecht and spent a year riding my bike, eating pancakes and moaning about the wind (among other stereotypical Dutch things.) I missed home a lot but threw myself into work and spent most nights behind a computer, handling escalated complaints from unhappy takeaway customers. I wanted a change but didn’t know what so I accepted a job as a recruitment consultant. After the first day, I knew it wasn’t for me. I spent a few weeks months doing some serious soul-searching and it was during this time I stumbled across a now well known book called ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo.

I’ve always been organised. Like, super organised. But I used to have so. much. stuff. Drawers and drawers of perfectly neat and organised things that I hardly ever used. The latest gadgets or crazes, all taking up valuable space, costing me money I didn’t want to be spending and for what? An organising obsession that had got out of hand. Along with this came a very first world problem of having too many choices. Cue overwhelm, analysis paralysis and anxiety over making the most basic decisions for fear of making the wrong choice. This led to me spending far longer than I care to admit choosing my dinner in the supermarket, and that was just deciding what to eat, let alone what I wanted to do with my life!

Well this book put an end to all of that. I went through my belongings and ruthlessly got rid of anything I didn’t love or need. My apartment felt amazing. So light. I felt light. And free. But I didn’t stop there. It was like I took inventory of my whole life. Anything that didn’t serve me was gone; bad habits, toxic friendships, poor dietary choices. I can honestly say that there was some life changing magic in the process. I felt so much better. So much more in tune with myself, how I felt and what I wanted as well as so much more confident making decisions in all areas of my life!

After realising I was spending most of my money flying from the Netherlands back home, I realised it made sense to come back to the UK permanently. I moved back in 2016 where I still live in the West Country. At some point in the quest for my perfect career someone asked me what my dream job would be. I replied “I want to do what Kim & Aggie do on How Clean is Your House”. “What, like clear out other people’s stuff?”. “Yup”. “Well, why don’t you?” “Is that even a real thing?” Turns out it is my friends, and that is the story of how I decided to make a career of doing what I do best – organising. I’ve blended my experience in Interior Design, training and improving efficiency with my passion for organising (it’s in my bones, I swear) along with everything I’ve learnt about decluttering over the past few years.

The big thing I realised with decluttering is that all areas of our life are connected. Becoming better at making decisions on what items of clothing I wanted to keep meant I became more empowered to make decisions in everyday life, too. If you become more motivated in one area, you’ll become more motivated in all areas of your life. If you declutter your physical space, you’ll clear up space emotionally as well. Less stuff = less stress.

Once all of the physical clutter was gone, it allowed me to get clear in my head about what I wanted from my life. Because I believe we get a choice; we consciously create our realities and if you don’t like something about your life, aint no-one gonna change it for you. A big part of my journey that’s brought me here today is actively practising mindfulness. I guess mindfulness is an umbrella term now and gets taken the mickey out of a lot, but for me, it’s been a game changer. I’m much more aware of myself and how I feel, much more confident and in tune with my intuition and generally a much kinder, patient and more considerate human being! It’s helped me realise that a lot of my purchases were downright wasteful and fueled by emotions that I wasn’t fully tuned into (hello, consumerism). I now try and bring a lot more consciousness to what I choose to spend my time and money on instead of being on autopilot all the time which has also led me to be a lot more appreciative of my life and everything in it.

I know how freeing it feels to get your home in order and I believe everyone deserves to feel this way. I’m passionate about living intentionally and it’s my mission to share this simple but transformative approach with as many women like you as I can so you can start living life on your terms. Through my teachings, I share some of what I’ve learnt along with things I know have had the biggest impact on my own life. My other resource on here is my blog, which I’ll be updating regularly with posts on my version of minimalism, conscious living, and even a few recipes thrown in here and there. If any of my story resonates with you or you have any questions then reach out to me! I’d love to talk 🙂